Something record release


Today I’d like to announce our first release and a show in celebration of that release. The first release will be the first album by Something (which coincidentally is my own project) entitled ‘What’. It will come on a limited edition run of pea green, gold-flaked cassettes w/ hand dip dyed and hand stamped inlays and tied up in a nice red bow. They really are very attractive looking things. You will hear music before that release date, but that is another blog post for another day (soon).

In honour of this record, there will be a release show at The Heartattack & Vine, which is a wonderful DIY space in the ouseburn valley where you can bring your own drinks and your own friends and there’s no pressure or anything. Also, it in itself is a very attractive looking thing 


Support is from the ace band RICE MILK who have just self released an EP (though I wish I’d known about it) on their bandcamp page, which you can stream and download right here.

Finally, the wonderful Brighton-based illustrator Eleanor Rudge (click her name for some of her awesome work) designed us a real great looking poster for the show and I can’t thank her enough in all her help getting this idea off the ground. The poster is below and has all the details you’ll need if you’re interested in coming, feel free to show your friends how good it is and maybe try and convince them to come as well. We’ll be selling copies of the cassette on the night and hopefully there’ll be some other stuff you can take home as well.



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